Black Rayon Scout Tee

I made a black flowy T shirt to fill a gap in my wardrobe. I’ve been seeing a lot of lovely scout tee the past year and finally caved and bought my own. I think of myself as a slightly more advanced sewer and the thought of paying for a very simple, basic pattern just didnt feel necessary. But I love Grainline’s style and bought it after some internal debate, and I am glad I did! The pattern is drafted with some unexpected proportions and my T-shirt turned out well.

I had cut a 2 in anticipation of bigger boobs with breastfeeding (had made this before giving birth), but i think a 0 would do fine next time. I followed the pattern except for adding some pleat details on the bottom hem. I love the result 🙂 Its actually a lot shorter than I intended, but I like it anyways – goes well with certain bottoms. However, I think it would look better on me after my boobs shrink back to normal. A flowy shape like this do not do well on curves.

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