Striped Skirt make over

Hello again! You are seeing a lot of me lately – with my body almost back in shape (well… 10 more lbs) and baby cooperating, I am able to model a lot of what I made! Plus I am trying to photo all the stuff before new years! Here is another thing I made for the office (whenever I go back), it took me only 30 minutes to make!

My favorite fashion blog is Wendyslookbook, and I’ve been wanting to knock off her altered skirt for a very long time! I finally bought a striped skirt from forever21 (did it with 25% sale so it was $7 or $8 dollars, probably cheaper than buying fabric and making it as the knit is thick and sturdy). Then I used the left over faux leather fabric from this project and sewed it onto the side. A simple modification with a really great result! The stiffer side panel allowed the knit skirt to look smoother along the side instead of showing all the bulges and pantie lines. And I love that it adds some chic and glamour to a basic bottom.

One advice for those who wants to do the same – do not do this with a skirt thats already too tight – after adding the non-stretchy panel the skirt will be tighter than before, since you will lose about 6 inches of stretchy-ness after adding the panels!

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