Double Layer Striped Shirt

I’ve been having an obsession with striped shirt. Its hard to find one that fits me well. All the shirts I have are a little too short for my liking, and my bottom is usually too big for the shirt, causing the shirt to ride up. So its time to make one! I had a striped knit in my stash, but it was way too thin and see through for a fitted top. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to make the top two layered. I had cut another layer of thin white knit and sewed the top together as if the two different fabric is the same layer (so its not lined/bagged, but all serged together). I love the end result. The top has the softness of thin knit jersey, but feels heavy and sturdy enough for colder weather. I also did a good job matching the stripes, which I notice even higher end stores seems to fail in doing (like Ann Taylor, yes, my standards may be low).



(see those stripes matching at the side and front? good job me!)




Trying to copy this outfit, I think this calls for tighter pants 😉

Yay, thats the last thing for 2014! 2014 review coming up!

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