Red Rayon Tops

Quick post of two red rayon tops. They were made before pregnancy and I just cant get it together to model them. Its been too cold here (I know I am a wuss, its california bay area) and I’ve only been modeling for photos if I am wearing that outfit that day.

Anyway, first one was a dress made from burda’s 2011-06-102B. I fell in love with the pattern as soon as it came out. But the end result was not great. Because the dress is cut on bias and there are pleats in the front, it just hung unflatteringly on my body, making a little pouch on the tummy area. I waited until the pregnancy was over and it still looked bad on me, so I just cut it off at hip level and its much more tolerable as a shirt. If I would make the pattern again, I would cut the dress on grain and make the bottom much wider to achieve the same look as the sample sewing.

Second top is a modified Scout Tee. I added pleats to the neckline and plan to wear it with this skirt to achieve this look. I think I did a pretty good job replicating the inspiration. Hopefully in the summer the combo would look great together!

One thought on “Red Rayon Tops

  1. Happy New Year! yes it would be great to meet this year. Stay tuned as I think we will have a big meet up sometime this spring as there is a great fashion exhibit coming to San Francisco.

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