Maternity baby doll converted to Breastfeeding baby doll

I had mentioned in previous posts about converting this dress to be able to breastfeed in it. I did it! I wore it once or twice before it got too cold and now the entire family had been struck with a bad flu/cold, so I will not model it here. And sorry for the crappy iphone photos but it looks like this now:

I did these:

  1. separate the bodice from the skirt. I kept the small elastic band at the bottom of the bodice.
  2. even out the skirt from the top to make sure its the same length all around (used to be longer in the front to cover tummy properly)
  3. put elastic band through top of the skirt – now you have a skirt!
  4. put hook and eye on side and back of the waist so that the bodice can connect to the skirt.

This works really well for me -much better than on the dummy. I think its because I am pretty high-waisted and I still have a tummy from the pregnancy- so the skirt elastic band tend to stay right below my bust. When I wear it, it only shows two slivers of skin on the back – actually looks pretty cool. When I need to breastfeed I just pull up the front. When Im done I pull the top down, and it stays there because of the elastic.

Bonus – I can also wear the skirt standalone! The only thing I wish I did differently here is that I wish i made a thinner waistband for the skirt. Having a thicker waist band changes the look of the outfit a little. Other than that I’ve worn this out and successfully breastfeed and look cute at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Maternity baby doll converted to Breastfeeding baby doll

  1. good idea! I miss wearing dresses, this is a very clever idea. I was thinking of making a matching top/skirt to be able to nurse, this gives me necessary encouragement, thank you.

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