Sewing Related Children’s Book

I love thrift stores. There are a lot of thrift stores near where I live (I guess when you spend all your earnings on mortgage, you gotta be a little thrifty else where!) and I love getting stuff for little K and little A second hand. I often go when I need to relax and check out some books to read to little K. I’ve had some good luck of encountering some books that has sewing in the story and I’d like to share!

First one is Little Fox Goes to the End of the World:


little fox tells her mama how she will go to the end of the world while her mama sews an really awesome jacket for her. (The jacket is extremely cute too)

Second one is Something from Nothing:

something-from-nothingIts a jewish folktale about how a grandpa refashions a baby blanket to a jacket, then a vest, then a tie, then a handkerchief, and then a button! To be honest it reminded me of all the resourceful mommies who makes stuff for their kids from worn adult clothing as well as those who refashions old clothing for themselves.

I love those books – little K loves the stories and I get to make her excited about sewing without her touching scissors and needles 🙂 Do you know any cute children’s book that involves sewing? If you do please share!!!


4 thoughts on “Sewing Related Children’s Book

  1. I’ve been a long-time fan of kids’ chapter-type books, but I’m having to look for more picture books right now. I found one at a library sale back in December called The Patchwork Quilt, and grabbed that since my mom is a quilter anyway. I haven’t read all the way through it, but it’s basically a girl and her grandmother and the quilt they make out of scraps of the family’s clothes–looked pretty cute.

  2. There’s also The Quilt Story by Tony Johnson about a mother who lovingly stitches her daughter a quilt and the journey the quilt makes through time and Betty Doll by Patricia Polacco about a handmade doll that is instrumental in saving the narrator and her brother’s life and in one of the parts the aunt is resourceful and makes a dress for her, the narrator and the doll out of one of her most beautiful dresses.

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