Salvaged Vogue 1316



Remember this UFO of the year from 2013? Well, the other day I was rummaging through my dresses and saw it. I never had the heart to throw it out as the shell was a very nice piece of work despite it being waaaay too small. And then something clicked – why dont I just cut out the zipper and add another panel to the back? It wont add the extra girth I need to the front, but perhaps it wont look too bad after all.

And you know what? I am so glad I did! I still had some navy fabric left and I added around 2-6 inches to the back, and tailoring the width of the addition to my body. After adding in one pair of stripe, it looks like I need more room around the hips- I can get in the dress just fine but my butt was pulling the dress to the back, causing wrinkles at the side. So I actually had to add ANOTHER stripe of fabric around the butt area in additional to the one I already have. =_= I suspect it may be an adjustment I need to make even if I cut out the right size.



Well, after all the unpicking and sewing and unpicking and sewing to get the fit just right, the inside of the dress looks like a battle zone with loose threads from all the unsergered fraying edges and unpicked threads. I had no choice but to put in a lining as directed. I used a nice comfortable tan rayon. Now I dont see the loose threads but I suspect I would be shedding them for the next few months whenever I wear/wash this 😛 . The dress is quite beefy – it weighs a whole 1lb 6oz (~600g for those who lives in a more sensible country). So its nice for california winter.


Oh yeah, I am also in love with the pockets added, thanks Carolyn for the inspiration! (She has a second amazing version.  I found another one by meggipeg, which I am drooling after as well!)




Now that I am done, I really look forward to making another one at some point with the correct size (I cut a 6 here but I probably should try a 10). I am not 100% happy with the color choices in this one, but everything was made from scrapes so I cant complain too much. Plus, I still love it enough to wear it a lot. I already bought another pattern so I can cut out the right size 🙂 I am thinking about one that is all black, but with different texture – twill, lace, leather, suede. Probably will take me a while to collect that much scrapes – more excuses to stash & make! 😀

9 thoughts on “Salvaged Vogue 1316

  1. wow that is totally cute and I really like the color combo. plus great save with adding the fabric in the back. I have that pattern but never attempted it – looks like a lot of work. but now I think it might be worth it!

  2. Oh I LOVE this! it’s one of my favourite patterns too 😉 Your colour combination looks really chic and modern, and the fitting adjustments are inspired. Beautifully done!

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