Journey of the perfect Jean

It seems like recently Ginger Jean has bought back a new craze in jean making. I had made a pair of jeans before and it was the most fitting jeans I had at that time. I wore it so much that its became a little tattered on the bottom after just a year. That was early 2010.

In 2011 I got pregnant with little K. I decided to alter the jean to fit my growing tummy and hips. I undid the sides and let out an inch on each side of my thigh. I also removed the waist band and replaced that with a 10 inch wide soft jersey material. I wore that a few times but did not love it – the jersey was not firm enough and the pants keep on slipping lower on my butt.

Then in 2014 I got pregnant with little A. I made another go at altering the jeans.  I first removed the second waist band. I found the original waist band, removed the front of the waist band and replaced that  part only with 2 layers of jersey. This time the jeans would stay put on my hips much better!

IMG_0860 (1)

Forwarding to 2015. I am no longer pregnant and I dont plan on ever getting pregnant again (its just toooo hard, respect for those willing to go through it 3 or 4 times even with morning sickness). However childbirth had made my hips a little wider. So the jeans still fit well below the waist band. I took out the third waist band, and made a new waist band thats one inch wider than the very original waistband. Pregnancies left my tummy a little jello-ish, so higher cut “mom jeans” is much more comfortable and flattering (no muffin top!). I didnt have the original fabric anymore, but this is a close enough match and I usually wear long shirt anyways.


So here’s the journey of my one and only hand made jeans! I thought its interesting that a piece of garment had “grown” with me through the years. Tt definitely makes me re-think about alteration – sometimes it can be just as fun and rewarding as sewing a new piece of cloth!

p.s. Sorry that I am slacking on the commenting recently. Mostly because i seem to have trouble commenting on most blogs – especially those hosted by blogspot, after trying to prove i am not a bot quite a few times, i got frustrated and gave up 😦 do other wordpress user have similar issue w/ blogspot blogs?

10 thoughts on “Journey of the perfect Jean

  1. Yep I have the exact same problem with blogspot blogs at the moment, I think it’s the new captcha software. If you are wanting to comment I’ve found that if you click “log out” on the bottom right of the comment box (for some reason it will log you out of your gmail accounts), you can comment succesfully.

  2. Wow! I’m in awe that a 5 year old pair of jeans has enough life left in them to be able to refashion them! I must be REALLY hard on my jeans, because I’ve never had a pair last more than about a year and a half. I love the new waistband, very cute!

    I’ve always had trouble off and on with blogspot blogs, it’s very annoying. I get that they are competing platforms, but it’s ridiculous. 😦

    1. hahaha, well, to be honest im more of a dress/skirt girl than jeans girl. tight jeans are not the most confy for an office job that requires a lot of sitting.

      and my thoughts exactly. i was wondering if blogspot/google is just trying to mess with us wordpress users.

  3. I haven’t had that problem with blogspot blogs yet. But then, that’s what I use myself, so maybe that makes a difference? For my own, I just manually moderate the comments. It seems to be easier that way.

    I’m also impressed with how much use you’ve gotten out of one pair of handmade jeans! I’ll have to remember a couple of those ideas to see if I can rework a couple of existing pairs for the fall, if they fit decently enough after baby. And yes, pregnancy is hard!

    1. thats a good idea. those “im not a bot” things can be a deterrent in commenting!

      and yes! keep those cloth. you never know how your body would be after pregnancy. pregnancy is hard!

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