Skirt for your butt

I made this skirt from my self drafted skirt pattern (I should mention, about 2 month ago). Its those classic 6 piece skirt. I wanted it to hug my butt just ever so slightly without it being vulgar, and flare out from upper thigh area. I was able to achieve that trumpet look! I was very proud of my improving drafting skills.

Hubby took some photos for me, but I realized something – when holding a baby my posture is all wonky and I cant really show off that butt! My tummy sticks out to support the baby too.

oh well! there’s not much time for my to take photos these days, so this is it for now! hopefully in the future i’ll be able to really capture the curves of this skirt!

4 thoughts on “Skirt for your butt

  1. One thing to think about long term, coming from another mama of two… 2 years after my second, I noticed I was having trouble with my lady parts, so I went to see a pelvic floor physical therapist (yes, there is such a job!). She pointed out that using the tummy to hold my kids, which is exactly what I do, is HORRIBLE for the pelvic floor muscles, and was causing me a lot of my troubles/aches & pains… just something to think about. Never too early/late to start reworking on that posture.

    1. Thank you!! wow, i can imagine that being not so great, i hope you feel better now!! I will definitely make myself aware of this, and also inform my mom!

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