Baby Blue Statement Coat






This was made waaaaay back in January this year. But life got in the way and we didnt have a chance to photograph it until now!

I wanted to try another oversized look for my next coat. I was still far from my original weight so I didnt want to make another fitted coat just yet. I had gotten this very thick, mostly-poly-some-wool coating from hancock in a $6/yard wool sale. Its not a color I would usually wear but for $6/yard, its really soft and has a beautiful color. I also had McCall 6445 in my collection and had been wanting to try its gusset-sleeve. So a powder blue coat was born!

I made the xs. I shortened the sleeves as well as the body. And I also modified the front pieces so that it has a shawl collar. I initially drafted a hoodie piece but decided a shawl collar looks better – took me a few tries with muslin to figure out how to make a shawl collar. Two in-seam pocket is inserted in the front as well. It was interesting figuring out how to make the gusset sleeve and mine isnt as perfect as it could be, but in the end I was glad I learnt how its done. The wool was really thick, so it was rather difficult keeping me stitches straight sometimes.

Its also got a powder blue lining. I went through a phase in my sewing where I love crazy linings. The crazier the better. But recently I’ve been swinging into the more conventional RTL look – matching lining and coating for a cleaner look when its worn open. I am not sure which one I like better. What do you prefer? Fun or sophistication?

All in all, I like the coat, though I think it looks a little like a bathrobe with the shawl collar and the belt. But I still like it anyhow and its a different shape than my usual fitted production. There are no buttons on it yet, which bothers me a little. But there isnt a great place to put buttons and avoid the pocket and allow the shawl collar to start its fold as low as I like. So I am still thinking about it – perhaps it would happen someday.

Its all summer and sunshine in the bay area, but we took a trip down to Monterey for our anniversary and the beach was FREEZING! I was glad to have this coat on hand. Its so weird that you can drive just 30 minutes and go from a hot 90F to a cold 55F weather. So California!

5 thoughts on “Baby Blue Statement Coat

  1. I thought you were standing somewhere in snow for a minute, until I read about the beach. That coat is lovely – the color is fantastic on you. I go for matching linings – somehow the crazy linings seem fun in theory but in practice they bug me. and yes our weather can be crazy.

  2. I love the coat…and loved reading about your children and see wha tyou have made. Are you the ” Selfish Seamstress”????

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