Black and White







This is a small collection of two tops that I made recently. I had this from Happily Grey and was very much inspired.

I modified Burda 2010/2, #112 to make pattern for this. The front is made from knit, back upper panel from eyelet (rayon for the while and cotton for the black), and back bottom from rayon (challis for white and twill for black). The black version had been widened a little – I wanted to make it more relaxed and not as fitted.

I am rather happy with them. Due of the project I looked for a ragan sleeve pattern in my collection. I am very glad to find the burda version – it fits me super well, and I’ve been making sweaters and cardigans from it since these two tops. You will be seeing it very often as a TnT from now on!

5 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. I love what you did with this pattern! I tried to do something similar with the Plantain tee, but didn’t get as dramatic of a gathered back as I imagined. Thanks for the inspiration. Mind sharing where you got those fabulous shoes?!

    1. ooh thank you thank you! these are my favorite shoes! i got them a few years ago from zappos, its called “LAUREN Ralph Lauren: Hallie”. unfortunately its sold out now, but ive seen them on ebay.

      how do i know all these info on a pair of shoes from two years ago? i recently decided i need another pair in case this gets too scuffed! lol! they are fabulous indeed!

      1. Oooh, thank you so much! I just bought them in black off of Amazon. I am such a sucker for shoes. Check for the brown ones. Btw, I used to follow your blog under a different name, I’m pretty sure. Glad to have discovered this one via Closet Case Files!

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