Upcycled Hoodie

Just a quick project that only took, maybe an hour or so? Hubby found that one of his hoodie shrunk too much. I actually loved that hoodie on him, and kept it around to maybe upcycle it for little K.

But lately I’ve been wanting a few sweaters for the summer (CA has chilly nights) that’s long-ish on the body. Its hard to find a sweater thats long on the body but the right length on the arm for me. So I cut up hubby’s sweater to make this for myself. I kept the hoodie, pocket and shoulder seams and cut up and re-sew everything else. I used my TnT burdastyle generic top pattern for the bodice and arm. (its been used over and over again for my tops, but I cannot figure out which issue the top is from!)

One thing I love about upcycling hubby’s old sweater is that there’s already matching ribbing. The fabric is already shrunken (and often shows that it was cut off-grain but can be corrected when I sew it up). And I often can skip a few steps like the neckline and pocket. Plus, It fits me very well 🙂

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