Upcycled Sweaters

I made these two about 2 month ago, but currently hubby and I are both quite bored of backyard photos. So we decided to make sure to wear hand-made clothing on trips and take photos of them with more scenic background.

This is from our trip to Pajaro Dunes. It was a wonderful trip and we stayed at this condo literally right on the beach. Of course, being a beach in north california, i had to hide all my sundresses and bust out my sweaters. I took off my jacket for these photos 😛 Though the cold did not hinder our fun on the beach!

Made from hubby’s old sweat shirt. Again – I love having existing matching ribbings to work with. I used Burda 2010/2, #112 again, just lowered the neckline. not much else to be said – except that I will be eyeing hubby’s unworn sweatshirts with darker intents 😉

Also an upcycled sweater – same pattern as above. This is a cashmere find from goodwill, it was very oversized, but got a hole in the armpit after a few washes (yes, i wash my cashmere sweaters in machines – they generally cost $5-$10 from goodwills and I just throw them in and cross my fingers).  I just serged all the seams together – and re-used existing ribbings by including them on my cuts. For the neckline, I actually serged a folded piece of black jersey to the neckline, and then hand stitched it down. Very comfy and a more modern cut to wear.

I am also wearing my maternity linen pants here. They fit rather well after pregnancy 😛  (Should i really count that as a win? I am hesitating here. but oh well, two good pairs of wearable pants are two good pairs of wearable pants)

And here’s little A wearing the bonnet I made back in the days.

2 thoughts on “Upcycled Sweaters

  1. You seem very relaxed at the beach in your comfy new pullovers! An kudos for wahing them in the machine, I do that too! I also machine wash all my selfmade clothes. No time for handwashing in my home!

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