A-Line Linen

I made this cutsy little dress with some details that I’ve spotted in pinterest. In fact its a almost copy of the second dress. The pattern I modified is burda 2010 January, dress #130. Its a very simple pattern with a dart at the chest. I had to do some hand stitching at the collar to make sure it stays flat, which was surprisingly enjoyable.   The pocket detail was not too hard to figure out as well. I made sure to make the pocket deep enough to fit the ever growing smartphone. I also happened to have the exact shade of red for the zipper in my stash! The dress came out exactly as I had envisioned. I love the contrast between the beige and pop of red! Unfortunately hubby is not a fan of this dress. He thought it looked too 70s (the shape), cutsy (the collar), and sack-y (the fabric+shape). But I cant help but love this little dress for all the little pops of reds and how well-made it is (if i may say so myself). I think he’s looking forward to me getting bored of it and giving it away 😛 Do you have any sewn garments that your SO just abhors but you wear anyways?

11 thoughts on “A-Line Linen

  1. Not that it needs any modification to make it look better but if you pair it with a thin red belt and I bet he’ll like it much better cuz it’ll show off your slim waist! =)

    1. wooo!! Thats a good idea! I will try it out. though I must say i love the comfy-ness of no waist restraint. After a few babies my tummy seems to be especially sensitive!

  2. I have these cargo shorts that go down to my knees that Dan absolutely hates. He gets on me every time I wear them lol. They’re so comfortable that I still wear them. In turn though, I had him donate multiple pairs of jean shorts. He secretly kept one saying he’ll wear them only for labor intensive dirty work around the house.

    1. lol!! thats my solution too. When he doesnt like something i make, i tell him i will just wear them to work. though this one is not particularly suitable for work!!

      i like cargo shorts!! been thinking about making a pair…

  3. Very cute! I particularly love the pockets! And yep, I’ve definitely had outfits that my husband disliked but wore anyway, and ended up getting compliments from other people 😀

  4. I love your dress! It looks so comfortable and girly. I agree that the pop of red color looked amazing to give the dress uplift. I don’t get why your hubby doesn’t like that dress, though!

    1. hehehe, i think he wish for something sexy – and this is just too… mod? for his taste!

      perhaps its good to pass this down to my kids 🙂 its kiddish and cute!

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