Polkadot dress

Well, I am not that crazy about this dress. Hubby had been hounding me to make a poka dot dress with a black belt and black stripe. So I busted out my trusted Simplicity 3745, as the last one fitted me quite well.

But the modification i did for the black belt part didnt go so well. I wanted a thinner middle stripe, but instead of cutting a thinner stripe, i had cut out a normal stripe adn just sew it smaller. The result is that the middle pulls in a weird manner.

Which is a bum because I even have pockets on this dress, and hubby just love it. But I cant get over the technical failure and how it makes me feel real… pregnant. I have a photos of this dress from our vacation a while ago, and i dont think i can give enough care about the dress to do another photoshoot. so you are going to have to take my words that this dress is a fail.

However – the picture is quite nice 🙂

8 thoughts on “Polkadot dress

  1. I hope you can alter/fix what you don’t like about the dress. It looks really nice in the photo, and I think it’s so nice that your husband actually requested it! I wish my husband cared so much about the things I make!
    And the photo is really lovely, and your baby looks so sweet☺️

  2. Too bad you found some technical issues with the dress, I thought it looked so good on you from the photo! Did you try to fix it or is it something that might ruin the whole thing?

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