Mustard Linen Pocket dress

I made this dress over 2 or 3 month ago and this is probably the dress that got me the most compliment this year. Ladies would actually stop me at work or on the street and tell me how much they like it. I even got an offer to pay for my sewing (which i politely declined). I love the dress as well – its made from the most vibrant mustard yellow linen fabric with grey cotton as highlight.



I made up the pattern myself – it took a lot of muslin for the bust part and just trial and error – the fit end up being extremely flattering.



About the pocket – I had already cut out the skirt pieces. There was not a lot of fabric and I had cut out as much of a flare I could for the skirt, but I felt there’s still not enough body. So I decided to add a panel on the side and then put a pocket in there. the pocket would be hidden between the pleat. Its not the most secure pocket, but I love the stealthiness of it.




To be fair, I didnt come up with the general design myself. This is the inspiration.


look at that back! such great fit πŸ™‚



The photos are taken on a trip to Palm Springs for a wedding. The dessert in October was beautiful. When I first started living in the west, I did not care very much for the dessert. But the more I stay here the more I appreciate its stark beauty.

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