Let it go

No this is not a post about letting my past go or anything. Unfortunately little K had been infected with the frozen bug. One day she came home from preschool and asked me if I can make her an Elsa dress for “the pumpkin patch”. She meant Halloween. Isnt 4-years old a little too young to put in sewing requests? Granted, this is not the first time she asked me to sew something for her, but this time its much more specific and she seemed to really want it.

Being the selfish seamstress I am, I had to make it harder for her to get her wish. I told her that if she can master the “Let it go” song, I will make her the dress. (A decision I regretted for the next few weeks as she constantly practice an off tune rendition of Let it go). A week or two later I could tell that she’s getting more than half of the lyrics down, and I figured that I should really sew the dress for her.

We as a family went to hancock together and picked out the fabric. What a fun experience! (Hubby might beg to differ – keeping two young kids in control in a fabric store while his wife keeps running off to grab notions/unrelated fabric is not his idea of fun). She picked out the fabric for her cape, and i picked out fabric for the skirt and white top.

A few days of sewing later – its done! Its pretty easy to whip up. I made sure that everything that touches her skin is lined with cotton material – the main reason that I wanted to make the costume myself instead of buying for $15 from amazon. I did a really good job estimating the amount of fabric needed – I barely had anything left over! Little K helped cutting out pattern for me initially 🙂

She loves the dress, which makes me very happy. She is actually getting better and better at singing the song with practice, which makes me very proud (proud of the fact that she practiced).

Now I am debating whether i should make an Anna dress for little A… On the other hand, Shwin Shwin has an amazing series of everyday princess. While I am pretty sure little K would much prefer the one I made for her (she likes super long skirt), I myself much prefer the chic style of Shwin Shwin…. I am usually not a princess-y person but I want to make everything in her series!!!

When is the first time your child seriously requested sewing from you?

4 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. Last year, at 4 years old, my GD specifically requested Elsa. That costume has been worn at least once a week all year. This year very specific again with her favorite My Little Pony, Princess Celestia. Now that has been a bit more of a challenge, especially figuring how to make a unicorn horn, ears, crown, and huge mane that would stay on her head!

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