Grey Knit Braided Maxi

I made this somewhere during summer – mostly to wear around the house. Therefore even though its been worn so much that its been in nearly every light load of laundry, I didnt get  a photo until now.

The fabric is a bit on the sheer side – therefore this is for home only. ITs a really nice 50% cotton 50% poly with some sparkles from Hancock. I am not sure how many of your are based in the US with access to Hancock fabric, but they really stepped up their knit collection this summer/fall. Ive seen some pretty apparel-appropriate stuff in their value-fabric section.

Whenever I wear this dress, I feel a little like Daenerys in the very first scene of first season, just because both of them are a bit sheet and plain 🙂 I always feel so comfortable and sexy in them though. About the photoshoot location – this is Korakia in Palm Springs – an amazing hotel (it feels more like a bed and breakfast) in which two of our friends got married in. The entire place was booked out for the wedding guest and had some really great spot for taking photos. Too bad I didnt get too much time to shoot more dresses there! (Was too busy having fun!)

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