Scrap Fabric Bean Bag Stool

I am a stasher. I dont mention this publicly often, but I have about 16 cubic feet of fabric stashed away in my sewing room. I like having my stash – often when inspiration strike, I dont want to spend a few days hunting for the fabric or wait for my shipment to arrive. My ikea bookcase is pretty much overfilling with fabric, and one of them is filled with scrape fabric left over from other projects. I dont like throwing scrapes away in case the garment needs repair – I can get a matching fabric (though this has literally never happened, but hey! just in case). I also never throw away old bedsheet or curtains – they make great muslin or even garment sometimes.

But I need some room in my shelf for all the nice fabric I have. Ive been having this idea of making a square stool/bag thing with a zipper so I can store all the scrape fabric inside, but it will also be a functional furniture in my living room. I finally got around to make it. I love it! There are some more room in there for more fabric, but as is, its quite nice and comfy as a stool/bean bag.

Side note – I finally got around to patching up our very ripped up couch. Like most sewist out there – I have a cat. She destroys all couch corners and I gave up on having an un-ripped couch in the long run. All my couch will start having fun patches!




I usually dont post home decor sewing – they are made out of necessity and I usually dont love sewing them. But this one is just too cool – for all you stashers out there – think about it! 🙂 I thought about putting my nice fabric in here but decided against it – the pressure of a body on those fabric would make the fabric rub against each other – you probably don’t want to damage your nice fabric that way. But for scrapes – its perfect. Its also a good way to stuff a beanbag for free 🙂

Now I have more room for my stash!!

4 thoughts on “Scrap Fabric Bean Bag Stool

  1. Such a great idea! I’m always short on shelf space but I also need a stool for the armchair in my sewing room, so making one that I can store my ugly old muslin-bedsheets in, would be awesome. That way my pretty fabrics can really shine on the shelves 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!
    Oh, and I love the patched couch, too. Such a nice touch of personality.

  2. I’ve made a very similar item! I do find it’s great storage, but I never think to go in there to find anything. I also threw my old muslins in there, and accidentally stabbed myself on a pin when I was rooting around in it!! Hope yours is a little less hazardous than mine!

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