Meow Scarf!

My best friend K and I have been friends for more than 15 years, and among many things we share, we share a love for cats! I remember once back in my innocent days, I’d seen a sweater/shirt with a kitty on it that says “bad kitty”. I bought two – one to ship to her and one for myself because it also happened to be in her favorite color- maroon. I had no idea what kind of sexual connotation “bad kitty” had! well, I believe we both wore it proudly, even after I met my husband who told me the meaning of words on numerous shirts I had (ah, the days before my fashion/culture enlightenment!).

Anyhow, fast forward to two years ago. I was in my second pregnancy and honest, not quite in the mood to sew for myself.  I knew that one day I would be stuck on the couch not wanting to move much. So I arranged some un-selfish knitting. I’ve always wanted to make a kitty scarf for K in her favorite color. So when i found this pattern, I was delighted – it seems fun but not too kiddish, and would allow me to learn double knitting and possibly knit more custom scarf in the future!

(I love the picture of my kitty with this scarf!!!)

It was quite fun to knit the head and tail part of the scarf, but omg, that bodice is drearily long and boring. So it took me quite a while to finish this scarf (little A is over a year old!!). At the end – i think i would have rather knitted a whole sweater for her than a double knitted scarf. oh well, next time!!

Hope this keep you silly and warm K!

I wonder if this can count as “put a cat on it” sew-along from CationDesign. its not sewing, but perhaps, close enough? 🙂

One thought on “Meow Scarf!

  1. You’re literally THE best friend a girl can have! Thank you so, so much! I absolutely love it! I still wanna do a photoshoot with it. And ONLY with it. Haha, just kidding. It’s gonna go so well with this hat that I have. You’re gonna love it!

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