Brother Sewing Machine Woes

Remember a while back my main sewing machine (a Brother Embroidery machine) had some problems? Well, I have a quick update – and maybe polling for some more suggestions here. The machine got worse and worse – a larger percentage of the time when I turn it on – it would not go forward normally. So I took the machine to a brother certified sewing machine repair place.

The owner Dave is a nice guy who seems to know his stuff. He said it was because of calibration issues with the feeddog – which makes a lot of sense. He fixed  (I guess – re-calibrated) it – things seems to work great in store when I tried it out. But when I took it home it stopped working well again. It does sew forward about 50% of the time when I turn it on, but it would not sew patterns that require feeddog to go back and forth at all – which is a problem for sewing knit materials. I took it back to Dave – but a funny thing happened – the issue would not reproduce in store. But I took it home and after a few days it went back to its old ways 😦

Does anyone have any suggestions? I think the Dave guy at the store would probably take it back and take a look – but I havent had time to bring the machine back (its kinda far) and I’d like to see if there are anything I can do myself.

Random story there – I actually took both my Brother Embroidery machine and my Grasshopper for them to take a look . Dave said the Grasshopper probably just need some cleaning to get the gunk inside out for it to run smoothly again – which is great. Then he mentioned that he knows a guy who would probably be interested in buying the grasshopper if I want to get rid of it. He mentioned the name and it was so familiar. After some querying it turned out to be the same dude who sold me the hand crank sewing machine!  I am a little tickled by the convergence of vintage sewing machine hobbyists 🙂

8 thoughts on “Brother Sewing Machine Woes

  1. i cannot give any advice. I just bought an embroidery machine and am in mortal fear of anything going wrong as its so electronic and all my other sewing machines are so much older – by about 25-40 years (and i am not afraid of mishandling them). However so far so okay with the husqvarna, the odd time i have to turn it on twice for it to recognise the usb stick – i am only using it a week, but had to dive straight in to a project that has to be finished by friday! when the machine first acted up (it was a corrupt file on the usb) I was going to video it and send it to the seller (as they live far away) for a diagnostic. I ended up reloading another 1gb usb with designs and it worked, and then the original usb suddenly became readable again on my laptop after a few days and thats when i looked at the files and saw that the file names had corrupt characters in them. i sent back the stick to the seller, and using my own stick here for the moment until its return…. best of luck with it

  2. Seeing that it is an electronic machine, could it be a power issue? I have my husqvarna plug into a surge protector strip at all times just to be safe.

    1. actually thats one of Dave’s suggestion when i couldnt reproduce the issue second time. i tried a better outlet thats actually grounded – but have not tried a serge protector yet.

  3. It sounds like a power trip to me. I remembered I had this lightweight sewing machine I borrowed from a friend. It works really great so long as we stay in her place, but when I borrowed to take it home, it never worked. Or did you have a bumpy ride back home? It might’ve affected the re-calibration.

    1. yeah – i wonder about the bumpy ride too! and interesting! its almost liek the sewing machine have a personality and doesnt want to work right at certain places!

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