Oversized Cardigan

I encountered a really nice 50% cotton knit material at Hancock this fall. Promptly bought it and serged up a cardigan I’ve been wanting for a long time. The inspiration is here, but i dont think I correctly captured the essence of the design, so I have to try again in the future.

I probably need to make this a little less oversized – and narrower for the front panels and sleeves. But I still really love this sweater  – very comfy and versatile! So many outfits to be had.

Extra bonus photos: I went to San Diego for a work trip with some awesome coworkers. They modeled the sweater for me as well!

Who wore it the best? They look pretty cute in the sweater to be honest, I was almost tempted to give it away. I also managed to convince one of them to start sewing on the trip. I think I seriously need to become a sewing machine distributor on the side!

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