The Leftovers

As the year draw to an end, I’ve got to finish blogging about all the stuff I’ve made this year! Well, I give up on trying to find the time to model all of them, so here are some creations that hasnt made it to the blog yet!

boxy off-the shoulder number. I actually wear this quite often. I have a grey version that is in the wash that Ive also worn quite a bit.


Striped dress, pretty good one to have around autumn.

I am quite sad about this one – a very special blue fabric with gold tint, a cotton terry knit. Blue + gold = Cal. But I butchered this one with some poor sewing. My sewing machine was also acting up badly during this make. But you can tell – things stretched out unevenly around the front band. This looks okay on me – but i think eventually its going to goodwill :\

Simple light cardigan with pockets, good for the summer. I am not crazy about this for some reason.

A wool skirt made from a goodwill skirt, that I made my mom wear for two years before finally making it into a short skirt. I was quite in love with the stripes, but after making it, I dont feel very crazy about the skirt and have only worn it once, even though its perfectly fine.

Thats all for now! There is one last make coming before the year close out, its one that I am quite excited about – another corset! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Leftovers

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