2015 Sewing Review

I often get the question: how do you have the time to sew, AND have a full time job (that requires frequent meetings at night), AND take care of two kids? The truth is, I have a really awesome husband and really awesome parents. They share the load quite a lot, and every night, I sneak into my sewing for 10min – 1 hours (if I am REALLY lucky) and work on something. Some weeks, I go without sewing for 3 days and I’d start day dreaming about sewing and even get insomnia until i get to sew.

This year, I have made quite a lot of things considering how busy I was.ย However, I feel that I have made quite a few things thats quite not me.

Already in the recycle bin to be made into something else.

I liked this initially. But Hubby really did not like it and he’s starting to convince me. aii!

Hated it from the beginning – hubby loved it but could not sway me this time!

This one was difficult to wear. Next summer I will cut off the length and see if I like it better then.

Still just a “meh” about this. but may be I will like it more next year.

Not the greatest handicraft here. Probably will get re-made next year

This was worn very occasionally, I am not super into it.

I wore this frequently for a bit – but I am now out of love with it. I think floral is just not quite my thing unless its a dress.

The dress is not super well cut, esp on me – so I am not 100% in love with it. I am waiting for breastfeeding to be over to see if I like it more after my boobs get smaller.

Photographs well, but I dont wear it often. I might just not be into black tops.

Here are some of the stuff I liked, and worn often.ย 

Fun addition to my wardrobe, definitely not a workhorse coat, but occasionally it is kinda fun.


Worn very frequently in the summer.

Two knit material tops – worn often.

lounge clothing – worn somewhat frequently.

She is probably going to wear this to death. She wears it at least once a week, not to mention that she wears it for all special occasions.

I only wore this once – but I liked the fit quite a lot. There’s not a lot of occasion to wear something like this.

Just a casual tank, worn often but not super special.

I wore this one almost every other day. Very good at home dress.

knitted scarf for my best friend K – she loved it!

Cardigan – worn often ๐Ÿ™‚

striped sets – worn often!

I love how this looks, even though its a little like a chef coat or “ethic garb”, haha! Still love it!



Here are the clothing that I LOVED:

Worn almost every week in the spring,ย and I cant wait to wear it again when it gets warmer.


For a “special” designer piece that looks pretty impractical, I actually worn this REALLY frequently. I love it a lot and might make another one sometimes.


I love how this dress flutters in the wind. I wore it every week in the summer. Unfortunately this had worn apart in the wash. Next summer I will make another one.


I wore this one surprisingly often. I find that as I get older, I dont care as much about other people’s opinion, and I do not mind the extra attention from others from wearing something unconventional doing conventional things.

I LOVE this dress. the color is amazing and the cut is perfect.

And of course, the corsets:




Total makes: 33 pieces!

Project started : project completed/kept : project often worn ratio this year:



Even though the number made is higher than last year, they are mostly quick serger knit projects (15 of them!)

number made
sergered top/sweaters 12
corsets 2
coat 1
summer jacket 2
dresses for me 11
Skirt 2
Little K dress 2
scarf for friend 1
total 33



The sewing have really slowed down starting September – my work got very busy then, and little A started waking up more at night. But I actually feel like I need to slow down my sewing and focus on making just a few pieces that I really love.

As for my new years resewlution last year to comment more on other blogs – that is not going so well. I dont sit in front of my computer when i look at blogs anymore – its mostly when I am putting little A to bed on my phone. Its way too hard to comment on blogs on my phone – and impossible if the blog is hosted by blogspot, even on a computer. So… I stopped stressing about it. Its making me a little tempted to try out instagram/twitter, though I am not sure how many sewists are on there.

Anyways! I am quite happy with my 2015 sewing, I am especially happy with finally completing my attempt at vogue1316 and Alexandar McQueen’s crazy kimono jacket pattern, as well as expanding my sewing skills to corsetry.

10 thoughts on “2015 Sewing Review

  1. Join us all on IG! There are so many sewcialists on IG, it’s pretty much replaced all my blog commenting. I found that my commenting suffered too, once I started doing all my blog reading on my phone at 3 am while waiting for SHB to fall back asleep. It’s only the blogs I really love that I take the time to comment on my laptop ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I totally hear you on the getting older = caring less thing. I feel like I’m coming more into my own every year, even though I used to think that getting older would be terrible.

    I totally laughed at your comment about K’s Elsa dress. Every sewist I know who’s made an Elsa dress has had similar things to say about frequency of wear!

    1. okay, i think i will give IG a try!! thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ I remember many times trying to comment on your blog and giving up! then if i am very motivated i will dig your your email addr and email you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. you accomplished so much, especially with all your responsibilities. And thank you for the email ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love your posts- the photography is always so beautiful and you pick interesting locations that compliment the items. Happy New Year, Beth

  3. I’ve gotten away from Twitter a bit, as I find it hard to keep up with. I do love Instagram, though. There are a lot of sewists, fun little photo challenges, and it’s very easy to scroll through and get a sewing fix. It looks like you’ve had quite the productive year, and hopefully you’ll be able to salvage some of those less-loved items.

  4. Wow, this is a very comprehensive list to see! Not sure why you are letting your hubby convince you for not loving that dress, I really thought it looked good on you!

  5. I just love your posts, You are genuine!! It makes a huge difference. Your year end summaries inspire others.

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