The JueBeJue Logo

As briefly mentioned on my corset post, I have a logo! A very talented, fashionable and lovely friend P  designed a logo for me based on my handle – JueBeJue.

Juebejue Logo

Its two Js together (for “Jue”s in my “JueBeJue”, and when you look at it side ways, it looks like a B – that stands for the “Be” in the middle. It also looks like an anchor. I loved the logo the moment P explained it, and decide that it should go on all my creations from that point on.

I have ported the logo to embroidery – and now I have big and little versions of embroidery files to put on all my future clothing! I did have to simplify the logo a little to make it work with smaller embroiders, but the concept is the same.

Not much more to say – I love my logo! 🙂 Prepare to see it on all my future creations. Thank you P for such a thoughtful and stylish logo!

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