Pokadot Sunshine Corset







Another corset from me! This took a while to actually finish. In fact, I started the project before the JBJ coat, but put it aside because I wanted white grommet. to my dismay, it is pretty hard to find reasonably priced white grommets. I kept putting off ordering from corsetmaking supplies, because it would set me back a whooping $25 dollars to get a good set of grommets. I mean, isnt that a little ridiculous for grommets?

So I debated between using my existing gold or black grommet vs buying white ones. After two months (when I finished my JBJ coat), hubby convinced me to just get what I think is the best for the corset. So here it is! a corset where the grommets probably made up for almost half of the cost, lol. (I still think its a bit of a spurge but… erm, treat yo self?)

I used the Cupid Corset pattern from corsettraining, and honestly, this pattern doesnt fit me very well. I think one need bigger boobs to fill out the bust area. Even if I had bigger chest, I am not quite sure if I love the way bust is cut here with the inset. I think next time when I try to make a overbust corset – I will stick with simpler straight piece patterns and avoid insets.

For fabric, I used cotton shell and cotton duck for lining. I decided to not use a waist stay because I dont like how my corset doesnt stretch evenly with a waist stay. Also, the fabric I chose has a  little give – its more comfortable to wear.

It does go very well with this cute undie I made a long time ago, and it shows up wonderfully in photoshoots. Its such a happy color – I think I will keep it around despite the weird fit. Maybe one day I will be chubbier and would fit better in this.

Year 2016 is proving to be a year of slow sewing. Work has been quite busy lately, kids have been demanding, and Ive been doing time consuming projects. At this rate, I am going to have only 1 finished project a month! (Its end of march – I only finished 2 projects so far with 2 in progress). Fingers crossed for more sewing time!

5 thoughts on “Pokadot Sunshine Corset

  1. Beautiful corset! Maybe you could try spray painting cheaper groomers next time (not sure it would work).

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