Diagonal Baby Blanket

A good friend of mine is having a baby, and while I was thinking about a baby blanket as a baby gift, he offhandedly mentioned donating some old clothing. I thought a blanket made from his shirts would be pretty cute. So I set to cut his shirts into little squares and sewn them together.

It was lucky for the baby that I chose to make the blanket out of his shirts, because afterwards I really wanted to keep it for myself! (So did my two girls.) There is definitely another blanket in my sewing queue now!

image image image image image image


This is definitely more of a quilt comparing to my last one. I caught a bit of a quilting bug and am now thinking about a walking feet 🙂 now every piece of old cotton dress/shirt is going in my bin as possible quilting material. Let the fabric hoarding start!! The only thing is that’s quilting takes quite some time, even for a simple piece like above – definitely not an instant-gratification kind of project!

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