Convertible boot splats

As a petite, shopping for those cute knee high boots are always a pain. Its rare to find something that doesn’t gap 3-4 inches on the opening – which makes us look even shorter. As a person who LOVES boots, and have about… 10 pairs of boots in regular winter rotation (vs 2 pairs of sandal/flip flop in the summer), this is a real (first world) problem.

A few years ago I feel I love with a pair of boots that is super expensive and looks a bit ridiculous:

img_0053Its a pair of Givenchy. I thought it looks really awesome and ridiculous at the same time – i always loved boots thats thicker around the ankles – it hides my thicker and curvy calfs better. But it always looks a little like a pair of horse feet:

But awesome is awesome. So I bought some leather and decided I should just make the top part of those boots. During the making of those boots though I lost sight of the original inspiration a little, and made the boots more tight fitting. The result is nice, but I think I might remake this again with Givenchy boots as the inspiration.


It actually stays up on my legs really well, but because of the tight fit on the bottom, it crunches up around there after walking around. The half circle I created in the front also flares out a little on the corners. Process and patterns can be found on instagram.

However, this one is still quite cute and makes my ankle boots a pair a cute knee high – with all the comfort of an ankle boot! The leather is very soft and supple, lining is black satin rayon. I am now on the hunt for another black leather hide to make a version 2.0!

One thought on “Convertible boot splats

  1. What a clever idea! I actually like your version much more than the Givenchy originals, yours looks much more sexy and cool! Thanks for the idea, too!

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