Knitted Sweater

Whenever I go on a long drive, I bring a knitting project with me. I am a stereotypical Asian women driver, and hubby does not let me drive him. So on long drives, my hands are free to create! We took a trip to SoCal for a friend’s wedding in 2015 November and I casted on this project and finished a good chunk. But since then I haven’t touched it until I got really sick for a week in October 2016 – I was bored out of my mind and stuck in bed. So I finished knitting the sweater.


The yarn is actually a 100% virgin wool that is labeled as tapestry yarn – but I saw no difference from regular year – does anyone know? I bought those for a few dollars and was planning to felt it into thick socks.But I really don’t enjoy knitting socks. So I decided to make the Sandshore sweater instead. Sandshore is meant to be a summer sweater though – I had so many doubts when knitting this and almost frogged the project a few times. But I am really glad I persisted. The end result is quite wearable!

When the sweater first came off the needle, it was pretty long. It looked nice but I have a lot of long sweaters already. Plus, it had some weird wrinkles that seemed to need ironing – weird for a sweater. I decided to try felting it to make it thicker and shorter. one wash in the washer and it was at least 3 or 4 inches shorter! It is now very thick and fitted and squishy 🙂 I love wearing it over a shirt, as its pretty itchy against bare skin, as expected.


img_0065 img_0066

This whole outfit is quite me-made – sweater, dress, boots! They go quite well together 🙂 too bad I never wear them like that in real life (sweater too itchy), but it was an efficient way to combine the photo shoots!

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