2016 Sewing Review

It’s march 2017, and I’ve been hoping to have time to take husband-quality photos for my creations. But I think it’s not going to happen. So here you go! There are some new-to-blog creations below 🙂

I started sewing apparel late 2007, so I am coming up on my 10 year sewnniversary! In year 2016, I probably didnt sew as many as before, but I’ve spent time on pieces that I wore over and over again. There are really not that many “meh” projects from this year!!

Here is the count:

  • baby quilts: 2
  • coats: 3
  • Costumes for little K: 2
  • Skirt for little K: 1
  • Corset: 1
  • Dresses: 6
  • sweater: 1
  • splats: 1

Sewn:kept:wore often ratio (quilts included):


Not worn often:


Unblogged Monument valley costume for Mia – she only wore this once. She finished this game this year with some adults help, so i thought I might make her a custome for a school event. But there are not that many Monument Valley fans and she was “meh” about it afterwards. She still loves the game though!

I love the color, but the fit prevents me from wearing it often. It does make me happy when I see it in my drawer – so I am keeping it!

Worn often:

This is a little short to wear often around the kids – works well as a tunic though!


I love the fit for this one – its a little “badass” and I don’t wear it super often as its midi length – a little hard to pair. But when I do i love how I look in it!

This is one of those coats that I didnt LOVE, but seemed to fill a wardrobe gap as I reach for it very often.


One of my favorite creations for little K! I really made sure this one is sewn up nicely and she wore it to quite a few occasions. She’s not as  crazy about it as the Elsa dress I made the year before, therefore its still going to be good enough to pass down to little A!


I wore this dress often in the summer – in fact its pretty washed out now… the fabric is not the highest quality and is getting quite faded.

I forgot to blog about this – but I remade one of my favorite Burdadresses in a terry knit – very comfortable  and fairly warm. I wore this often for work.

She wore this almost every week for her dance class.

Hubby’s favorite dress of the year 🙂 Very easy and comfy for the hot summer days.

Sweater, skirt, splats! All worn pretty often.

Lastly, my all time favorate stuff, coats!!!

I love this coat, though I have many awesome wool coat choices so it is not a everyday-wear for the winter.

This coat has been a real stable in my wardrobe!! I wear it almost every day during transition weathers. It makes me quite happy! Its really my favorite thing Ive made!

Even though this is my least productive sewing year ever, I’ve made a lot of things that I wear over and over again. I think its because I finally got out of the post-baby body (for the most part). I am feeling more… self, again. I made more fitting clothing that is suitable for me (for a few years I kept making more oversized style, which can be a bit tricky on my frame). I put more thoughts into fabric + pattern selection, because face it, motherhood comes with a lot of quiet time for cuddling a half-asleep baby and time for your mind to roam and fingers to play on phones.

For 2017 – I think I may become even less productive. There are just so much happening in life these days, its tough to find time to step into my sewing room. But its still something that makes me calm and happy – and I hope to sew an hour or two at least once or twice a week. I also hope I can start sewing with little K 🙂 she’s been stepping onto my sewing machine and making small things with a LOT of help – and I hope to do more with her! She’s such a little creator 🙂

2 thoughts on “2016 Sewing Review

  1. you made a lot of great things, I especially love that midi-length knit dress – is that a Burda. It looks fantastic on you.
    and the Monument valley costume made me smile, it is perfect. (and I spend a few days doing that game non-stop. good thing it is short 🙂

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