Belle inspired dress

I didn’t know that I was making a belle inspired dress until I was almost done with it. This is one little K commissioned during a play-sewing-date with one of my sewing friends and daughter. She chose the fabric from my stash, options in the tea party dress pattern, and the decoration at the end. Half way through she said something like “just like belle!”. =_= I suppose she knows about my dislike for Disney princess and didn’t want to tell be before hand that she’s scheming for a Belle dress.

In any case, I love how the dress turned out 🙂 It sure does make her feel like a princess! I used up all the remanant of that fabric, unfortunately, or one for little A would have been great!


12 thoughts on “Belle inspired dress

  1. Haha she commissioned a secret Belle dress…I love it! Part of the reason why I’m scared about having a girl is I don’t like Disney princess culture either, but I guess we’ll see how things go.

    1. Haha i know!!! It’s really inevitable though – unless you homeschool. The princess culture here is strong… however I’ve been telling her that the princesses studies math and science and other subjects in their off screen time… 😂

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