The Cat Dress

I love cats, so its no wonder one of my favorite dress is a cat dress. Unfortunately its white-based, so I am deathly afraid of wearing it around the kids. It also doesn’t fit terribly well. So I decided to remake this.


It fits quite well! 🙂



It has really nice deep pockets. I’ve noticed with larger phones I need larger pockets, also pockets with more supporting seams to make sure it doesn’t drag the side seams. So the top of these pockets are actually sewn into the waist seam, which accidentally makes a pretty good waist-stay.


Close up of the two darts in the front, and the nice V neckline – I’m quite proud of it.


The pleating in the front was especially fun to make. I basically did all the pleating on a rectangular piece of fabric, and then laid front skirt piece on top and cut it out smoothly.


Back pleats. Unfortunately, this fabric attracts cat hair like nothing else… its somewhat appropriate!


A side by side comparison of the original and mine. I lined mine in the same luxurious black rayon satin fabric as my Burberry inspired coat. Getting in that lining just makes it so much dreamier!


I am quite pleased with this dress! This shape is really quite flattering on me. I usually avoid wearing patterned dresses to work – studies shows that floral clothing diminishes a person’s authority at work and I imagine cat patterned dress is even worse 😛 But I just cant help it – dress lining feels so good and this is perfect for a chilly early summer California weather. So I pick days when I dont have any meetings to wear this dress, when I dont need as much credibility!


8 thoughts on “The Cat Dress

  1. Very cute, and fab posing on a tree trunk! I would definitely respect a co-worker wearing that hip cat print more than a floral print. Floral is pretty but safe. That cat print is bold and feisty, super cool.

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