Gatsby Summer Picnic Dress

This probably has never happened before – but I made a dress for an event!! I usually never make anything for a single purpose – not even for a wedding. But – I dont remember which came first – I loved Mary’s picnic dress in Downton Abbey but needed an excuse to make that dress; and I found out about this amazing Gatsby Summer Picnic a few years ago and needed a dress to go to the event. I also happened to have some red stripes + Β the perfect lace from my dad in my stash I want to use up, and so, a dress is born!



I also made a red velvet belt to go with it – I think if I wear this again though I will sew it in – it slipped around and didnt stay on the seam all day as I hoped. I re-used an umbrella from a friend’s wedding, an awesome friend bought me a vintage purse from an estate sale, plus amazon hat and necklace – the outfit is complete! (And of course being a dependent on my apple watch I had a hard time taking it on. so lets just say I was ahead of my times on the watch front!)



This is my lovely date Tracy – we had a great time at the event together! She’s also the photographer for my outfit photos here πŸ™‚ We were pleasantly surprised that the ride into the event from the gate was either vintage cars or horse carriage!! This is both our first times riding either.


I am particularly proud of how the back fits on this dress. Usually store-bought dresses are too small for my hips area, but this one fits and shows off my junks nicely. Unfortunately I did gain 5-10lbs between the making of this dress and the event… so things were, a little snug.



The lace is actually not sewn on – because I could not bear the thought of cutting it into two and fitting that into the zipper. so I just attached it with clear buttons.



I should really probably end my post here and say I had a lovely time and was really inspired but all the lovely outfits and I will be back next year with an actual picnic spread… But I cannot resist posting the next as the last photo πŸ™‚


Anyone wants to join me next year? πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Gatsby Summer Picnic Dress

  1. Love that last picture!
    (also I feel weird commenting the first time and not introducing myself; hi! I’ve been reading-but-not-commenting for a couple of years (: )

  2. What a gorgeous dress on you – absolutely love the red and white stripe pattern! So awesome seeing it with all the time-appropriate accessories too (including the cars!). Just gorgeous. I love dresses that hug the junk just a little bit πŸ˜‰

  3. Fabulous look! Series can be so inspirational for clothes. Thank you for posting that last photo, it looks straight out of the series, it’s the moment when Lady Jue hears that Lady Mary is wearing the same dress…

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