Water Resistent Trench Coat


I’ve caught the trench coat bug since the last trench make. Trench coats do have a lot of details though, so I really only have the energy for one a year. Earlier this year I decided to try a raglan sleeve pattern with a water resistent (but cotton) fabric, and i really had to put the project aside because:

  1. The raglan sleeves just didnt look right on me – its a pretty stiff fabric so it looked oversized and boxy
  2. The top stitch thread I choose didnt look strong against the fabric
  3. the fabric slips under my presser foot, making sewing it not at all a pleasure
  4. I totally forgot to add a back flap – which REALLY bummed me out

I used BurdaStyle trench coat 09/2012. #103. I had to take in the sleeves and the sides by a bit – so the pattern does run a little big. (Ideally I would take it in from the top sleeve/shoulder seam but I already top stitched the seam and this fabric is not forgiving). I also added a sleeve extension so it hit my nuckles instead my of wrist.  My favorate part about this pattern is its generous collars – the ratio just seems right to me!

The fabric is a water resistant cotton coating/jacketing from fashion fabric club. Ive had pretty good luck finding nice trench coat material from them! The wrong side is coated for water resistance, so it was slippery to sew. the right side however, feels like soft brushed cotton. It feels really good on! I hope this coat softens over time as well.

Usually trench coats are not lined, and that’s probably better for drape as well. But I just cannot resistant a pop of color on the inside. I lined it with smooth cotton satin, and did my usual embroidery. I love how it looks and feels!


I am so glad I picked this UFO back up and finished it. Now that its done – I am wearing it quite a lot for the fall! I cant wait for rain so I can see how it does in the water!

Now that I have hade a knee length trench coat and a mid-thigh trench coat, I am ready to think about my next, hip length trench coat! Maybe a more fitted one! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Water Resistent Trench Coat

  1. Well done, well done for finishing it. Love the boots with it. I don’t miss the back-flap, it may have gotten too busy maybe, now you nicely see the collar, the raglan sleeves.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love those boots too – very comfy with a little list – no zipper to fiddle with also. I actually have another pair in a different color 🙂

  2. Congratulations on turning a pile of fabric into something sensational!

    Better lines without the flap (perhaps on a longer version) – it fits you beautifully and is perfectly proportioned.

    The lining takes it to the next level.

  3. Ugh, you always look disgustingly chic and adorable. 😉 This coat is yet another awesome garment, how do you manage to make something so detailed and gorgeous whilst juggling kids?! Great job!

    1. hahaha thank you thank you! ^_^

      I am really lucky because my mom is 5 min away from me & help me tons and hubby does more than his share of housework/childcare! plus my work commute is quite short!

  4. Random comment, but I was in Tandy leather yesterday for the first time, and I noticed that they have some stuff to make your coat waterproof again should you need to wash it (or just after it has been worn for a while.) I’ve always used that spray on stuff from walmart for tents and the like, but this stuff sounded better for this type of jacket+fabric.

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