Simple Double Layered Grey Rib Knit Dress

I’ve been wanting to make a simple long-sleeve, slightly-below the knee grey dress, mainly inspired by a bunch of grey-dress+leather jacket + scarf inspiration pins.

The pattern itself is simple enough – something I made many times before. This time, I wanted the fabric to be thick – I didnt want it to cling to every little features of my curve 😉 So I decided to double up the fabric and use two layers instead of the default one. And then I decided that instead of struggling without a cover stitch machine, I would simple serge the two fabric together at neckline, sleeve hem, and hemline, so that I’d have a pretty professional finishing on the edges without having the cover stitch. It came out great- stretchable and clean and not a thread in sight!



With me wearing it (sorry, no full body shots of the dress as i am feeling the lack of time to properly take photos of me wearing the dress!)


I pretty much used much all the fabric I had available – because I doubled up, It came out knee-length only, but its nice and thick and warm, and works well with 👢 instead of sneakers in my original planned outfit. I feel the slight need to make two more – one short body con and one longer, midi length dress!



2 thoughts on “Simple Double Layered Grey Rib Knit Dress

  1. Looks super comfy! That’s a good idea, to double up the knits. I have some super clingy knits in my stash that might benefit from that.

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