The Year of Blankets

This year, I made three blankets! A whooping three blankets, probably the highest count since I started sewing.

The first blanket is for my little one. When my older one was born she was given three hand made blankets and we love them and use them all the time. So Ive been thinking about another one now that I have two girls. This was made from a cute alphabet fabric gifted by a friend who was trying to downsize her stash. I saw the fabric and I could not resist just making a simple baby quilt from it. Since its just one piece of fabric, it was easy to make – just quilt the squares, sew a border in, and viola! I am done. I did decide to hand sew one side of the border so that there’s no extra threads showing through.


This quilt is perfect for keeping a doll warm, or to shade the window during long car rides, or for a little picnic. The girls used it quite often! Here it is with all the other (gifted) handmade baby blankets.


The second blanket is for my hubby. He used to wear a lot of cute woot T-shirts, featuring shows/movies/culture we love together. Some of them has holes and I’ve collected enough of his old shirt to piece together this T-shirt quilt. For the back I used a sturdy cotton twill from Ikea featuring orange cat faces. When I told him I am going to use the ikea cat fabric, he said “really? You are going to use that cute cat fabric for MY blanket? I feel so special!” Lol, my hubby understands my possessive nature with my fabric well!


He uses this blanket all the time – as his sleeping blanket during the summer and as his throw blanket when he put the girls to bed. It makes me look forward to his next themed blanket!


The third blanket is for my older one, but I use it quite often. I made this fur coat for myself and the girls love to rub themselves on the fur side whenever possible. They just love how soft the fur is! The fur is a little too long and overwhelming for me to want to make something wearable for them, but i thought they would enjoy a blanket made from it. So I hunted for a suitable fabric around the house, which came out to be this 1 layer wool blanket I “made” a few years ago. (By “make” i just cut it to shape and pulled threads out for the fringe.) I sewed them right side together and turned them inside out, the girls love it! I use it all the time myself too.



It is actually currently being used as her sleep blanket, she just loves the softness. Because its so soft and slippery, I couldn’t refuse her even though this is pretty much all polyester and the fabric snob in my is screaming a little. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to cause much static!

Thats the three blankets I made 🙂 I quite enjoyed them and i love how much they are loved!

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