Girls Matching Purple sweater dress

Happy new year everyone!!! Thank you for the very nice comments in my previous post 🙂 what a great way to start a new year!

Also, for some reason I see a huge jump of traffic and a few new subscribers when I logged in to post this today – where do you all come from? The referral doesn’t seem to be any blogs I can click on… I am curious! 🙂

Now to the meat of this post! I just recovered from a two week colds/flu, and didnt do much sewing during that time. But I finally felt better last two days, and what is better than a quick project to get my sewing mojo back on? I had this pretty, soft purple sweatshirt-ish material from a friend, and had the perfect amount to make some cute purple sweater dress for the girls.

I used burda style 03/2009 #137 For little A and burda style 06/2009 #144 For little K. Little A’s came out perfect. Little K’s came out pretty fitted and I had to make a long cuff to make it long enough. Then I added a skirt and white eyelet trim on the bottom, hand embroidered their initials so that they don’t get it mixed up, Tada! It really didnt take too long!

First a picure from my iPhone. Hubby took some really cute pictures of the girls in it and between all the cuteness and my overaries exploding I forgot to make sure there’s one with them standing:


Now some insanely cute photos (sorry, can I be such about my own daughters?):



I just love the dresses on them! Hoping this would give them another pretty, but warm option in their winter wardrobe!

14 thoughts on “Girls Matching Purple sweater dress

  1. I’m not one of your newbies (though I don’t know that I’ve commented before) but you were mentioned by Heather of Closet Case Files in her newsletter. You know how she used to do a little list of cool makes from the past week or two? Now it’s not on her blog, but emailed out along with podcasts suggestions etc. twice a month.

    1. Oh that makes so much more sense! That’s why I couldn’t click back. I didnt realize she moved to newsletter (probably missed that blogpost). I have subscribed! Thank you for letting me know!!

  2. Your girls look so happy and comfortable, a sure sign that these dresses are a success! I confess I’d love a sweatshirt dress (or three) of my own, and that goes double after seeing these!

  3. Cute dresses and girls! And the sickness….it’s been SO BAD this year. We’ve all been fighting illness since before Christmas, but the youngest has just been hit over and over. I feel bad for him, but I’m seriously running out of patience for tending patients, KWIM? Glad you are feeling better, hopefully, the crazy sick season will end soon for everyone!

    1. oh i know!!! its been a terrible winter – hopefully its tapering off soon. I just have to remind myself to be glad that I am feeling annoyed instead of super worried 🙂

  4. Your girls definitely have a future in modeling if they don’t follow you guys’ footsteps. I don’t know of prettier girls!

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