Red polka dots

Hubby requested that I make a wrap dress with some kind of red fabric. So… i bought some rayon fabric and made myself a red wrap.


The pattern is basically Burdastyle 10/2011 #123 with a flounce added on the bottom. I also cut the neckline a little lower.



2210BA6A-7836-44DF-ACDA-F01B7E4C33D2I love how it looks in a twirl! I also made two little dresses for the girls:



I used Tadah tea party dress – this time with a little cap sleeve and lower cut arm holes, and no closure at all. The neck hole is just big enough to slip their head through!

We wore the dresses plenty on a trip to Hawaii, though after day 1 we never seen to wear them at the same time. I guess not too much matching will happen in the future!!


I love the dresses and I was extremely proud that I had just enough fabric to finish all three dresses. However, a few days later I discovered i already had exactly the same fabric in my stash and i didnt need to buy any!!!! Ugh. I really need to get my stash to a smaller state so I can remember all the fabric I have, or at least easier to dig through. #firstworldproblems 😂 Anyways, thank you for reading!!

8 thoughts on “Red polka dots

  1. I love your dress! I love the flounce on the bottom and I think I’m going to steal this idea. Your girls look so cute. I love polka dot rayon and find it so hard to get. I’ve been looking for some navy for years and only recently found some. I wish I was close, as I’d offer to buy it.

    1. Aww – blue polka dot rayon sounds very chic! Now i crave for that fabric too ^_^ i was able to find these on etsy only, and have no idea where i got the first batch. And yeah! If shipping was cheap… 🙂 totally don’t mind selling a small portion of my stash!

  2. really pretty – love the fabric and that is so funny that you had it in the stash already. Or maybe not funny 🙂 the girls look so cute.

  3. Since I am positive that those dresses wil become your daughters’ favorites, it will be nice to have the extra fabric around to make a new one when they outgrow these…
    Or make your husband a matching shirt…

    1. Thank you! That’s actually a brilliant idea! I don’t think hubby would wear this as a shirt but i am thinking about maybe a pair of underwear ^_^ rayon is pretty comfy!

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