Black Fringed Scarf

My friend K and I had been friends forever. She’s probably my oldest friendship! We have not lived each other for almost 20 years, but we always keep tabs on each other throughout these days. She visited again me a year ago, and we went to the ocean one day. It was a little chilly and she put on my Pom Pom scarf and i thought she looked lovely.

So after she left I got some black rayon again with fringes this time (the Pom Pom catches too much lint) and made a quick scarf and mailed to her. Her husband recently took some photos of her for me to share!!


From the beautiful lady herself:

‘This is my favorite scarf! It keeps me warm during winters at home. The scarf envelops all of my neck and shoulders and the ends are long enough to tuck in very well into my jacket. Yet it is not too bulky. I also travel everywhere with it because I get cold in airplanes and it doubles up as a blanket. Large enough to cover all of my body and keep me warm. The fringe makes it fashionable. Living with 2 cats, keeping their fur out of clothes is a real struggle. I don’t know what the material is but it keeps out fur. So even though it is black, I don’t need to be de-linting it all the time.’

I am so happy you love it K!

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