Flirty longer thing

Last summer I made this flirty little thing, but because I had chosen a stiffer cotton fabric and ran out of fabric, it didnt come out exactly as I had envisioned (its fluffier and shorter). While it is still cute, I had been on a look out for another small print blue floral to make what I had envisioned.

This year I found an amazing rayon crepe on fashion fabric club, and got a few yards to make this dress again.




(In other news, I had been working out a lot lately, and comparing my back photo in this shot with last years, I look a little leaner!! Feels great to see the difference when there’s photo evidence.

I also did not realize I basically picked the same shoes and same colored bag to pair with this dress as the flirty little thing photo short- slightly amused!)

The rayon crepe is a much better choice for this dress (at least for my figure) – its drapy, and crinkle a little horizontally, which worked out great for those gatherings. I am still debating about whether to hem the dress and thus make it shorter. But maybe in the future. I was unsure how hemming would affect how the dress look and whether it would “stretch” would the crinkleness of the fabric.

I quite love this new version! It feels really great to wear, and is perfect for California hot weather! Has anyone else worked with rayon crepe? I may have found a new favorate fabric!




6 thoughts on “Flirty longer thing

  1. What a perfect marriage of pattern and fabric! The dress looks perfect and suits you wonderfully! I think the length is just right

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