Kids Gingham Dress with Rope (and instructions)

A few weeks ago I made myself a gingham dress from a Rayon challis gingham fabric (India Sew), I haven’t blogged about it (I only take photos opportunistically now). But with the left over fabric I made the girls a little dress/top. Unfortunately I only had enough to make one, so I went with my own simple adjustable design that made it wearable for both of them. Sadly, K refuse to model it for me, so I can only show you how it looks on A.



The construction of the dress is super simple. It is a rectangle cut on bias for the top (two pieces – one for lining, a bigger rectangle gathered for the skirt part, and 6 little tabs/loops on the top so you can string a rope through it (and string it however you like!). I actually had two ropes, and tied one end on each of the front loops.

The bias cut of the bodice works out really well on them – even though its a rectangle it drapes and looks like it has some curves to it. I imagine it is better with a drape-y fabric though. Along with the different ways you can rope the loops, it allows the dress look fitted on both girls for the bodice part. It just looks more like a top on K.


I really wish I had enough fabric to make another one for the girls so they can match at the same time, unfortunately I had bought up all the left over stock IndieSew had so there’s no more to be bought. A really enjoys matching with me, so we would match outfits when we are out with just two of us. But it feels really wrong to be matching only her (or K) with all 3 of us are together! 😂 if any of you out there have some of these rayon challis you don’t want anymore let me know! I’d love to buy some from you.


4 thoughts on “Kids Gingham Dress with Rope (and instructions)

  1. She’s a natural! I’m sure it’s not but the back looks super complicated, lol. It does add to the look of the dress.

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