Ogden Camis

These makes are definitely a result of joining instagram! I normally would never buy a pattern this simple, but after seeing one gorgeous version after another I just could not resist any longer.

I thought I would be bothered by the lack of darts, but the cami actually looks quite flattering, esp from the front. It also hides a big tummy well if its made from a more structured fabric. I loved my first version so much I almost immediately made another.



65867193-b6b9-414e-be61-e4390a6b5dbce234ad59-9deb-4398-a4f0-3e039c736a55ad1338e4-5abc-4eba-9373-a535b9dd3c54fb7afdb7-1641-495a-ada6-7eadfc1280ddd648059b-2cbd-4559-a1f9-9e727ee6873eThe first version is made from a nice sturdy cotton fabric, its such a happy print that it brings a smile to my face whenever I wear it.

The second version is made from a thinner silk fabric. I have had that fabric in my stash for years,having already made another shirt out of it, there wasn’t enough for a dress. So its perfect for this project! If you look closely, it has “imprints” of different patterns, quite a special, 3 dimensional fabric!

I am getting a lot of wear out of both, its such a quick project (maybe an hour?), I suspect I will be making it again!

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