Pink and Grey Fuzzy Yates Coat




My first finished project for 2019!! I made a Yates Coat! When the Yates coat first came out – I was admiring it from afar. It is not something I normally go for, but i loved the ingenious way the pocket is constructed, thought of all kinds of dual-colored coat this could make, and kept in mind that fit from Grainline Studio has always been very chic.

So when I spotted some fuzzy/furry grey AND pink wool on fashion, I immediately thought it would make a great Yates coat. Honestly, how often do you come across furry fabric that is made 92% of wool? and how often do they come in two different, but coordinating colors? I just had to get it and make something with it, and the Yates coat is perfect. But oh my – there was drama of getting the wool. It went out of stock after I ordered, and i worried a little because they have in the past had fabric going out of stock but is still on the webpage. Then my order came in and i was so sad to see it didnt have the wool I ordered. Then the wool got back in stock a few days after my order came in, and I huffed and puffed and then decided to email them. The lady who helped me was very nice, some and she was able to get the last bits of the pink plus the grey wool to me (they had a mistake when they filled the order). Then I got my order and was a little shocked to see how “sparse” the back of the wool is. Its normal for fur piles but I was just not used to my wool looking like that! Then I learnt the wonder of fusible woven interface, which worked very well on this fabric. Whew – are you following the drama? definitely some emotional ups and downs with acquiring the fabric and making it work. and yes, maybe I have a problem.

(for my own record I used Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex Interfacing).

On the other hand – the lining is also from fashion fabric club, and was in the first order 🙂 it is SO dreamy – 52% rayon, very slippery and amazing, soft sheen. I was pained to cut into it for lining – i feel it should be saved for a lacy slip or something. But the color is perfect for this coat, and worked out perfectly. I still have a little left and might make a little biased something.


I decided to follow the pattern completely, which means less room for embroidery tags, so i embroidered a smaller sign in the back, and “juebejue 2019” on the bottom side.


And the pockets – I worried a little my Iphone would create too much weight/drag lines, but the top piece is interfaced and have good support. Yes, the pocket is roomy enough for an iPhone! Also, look at the cross road of the two seams! How sharp! (Sorry, patting myself on the back for that one).


Due to the porous nature of the fabric, I was tempted to interface more than what was recommended in the instruction (like, every piece). I am glad I didnt, the wool help up well on its own (esp the back, which is not interfaced) and showed nice drape.


I added two snap buttons instead of 4 – it was enough to keep the coat closed.


I actually bothered to read the instruction in detail and for the first time did the “bagging the lining” method by turning it through the sleeves. I also learnt to understitch seam allowances to the lining to keep lining from poking out. It was one of the quickest coat make – not too many pieces and the pockets were a piece of cake to do. I also printed the patter @ 91% as the pattern is drafted for a 5’5 woman, and then used a size 6 for bust , 8 for waist and  hips. I didnt make a muslin – that’s how much faith i have in Grainline Studio! The fit was pretty spot on, i love how its comfortable and oversized, but still fit at the shoulder.



Thats all! After the project I realize I have some pink remnant and grey remnant wool in my stash already (abeilt different texture)… so i didnt need to buy this fabric per-say, but the fuzziness is just so adorable i do not regret my decision to go through some emotional roller coasters for these fabric. Now I still have quite a bit of the grey fuzzy left (this only needed 1.5yd of the pink and .5 yd of the grey @ 55″ wide), wonder what I can make with that!

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