Orange Removable Lining Parka

I am so excited to show you this – I made a parka coat with removable lining!


I have a lot of wool coats, and recently realized that i really enjoy wearing cotton coats in warm California winters – and they are a lot earlier to wear to trips (more foldable and was he able). So when I saw Vesna’s awesome orange parka – I immediately wanted to make one for myself.

It took a while to find the right shade of orange cotton twill, but i found them in and bought 3 yards. The project got pretty nerve-wrecking towards the end – when it was completed i barely had a 5inchx5inch piece left! The lining were all Bemberg rayon lining, its my first time using it and i might be sold! The fur is from Joan’s and is very soft and slippery. The zippers and snaps and eyelets were found on ebay. It did took a while to find all the materials i needed and I had to order an extra packs of the snaps at the end because I keep messing up installing the smaller snaps.

Vesna’s version had the fur layer sewn into the lining. But California is so warm, I wanted a removeable fur lining. I also wanted lining for the base coats, and proper lining for the fur vest so I could wear the best standalone also. This means I had 4 layers of this coat to make! But the result is a 3-in-1 : thin parka, warm furry parka, and furry vest – press the right button on the instagram post  to see the video of how it all snaps together!

I first of course, made the outer parka. There are a lot of details.

Of course – embroidered label in the lining:


Little rope tail things (what do you call this?)


Clinched waist – can you tell i love white ropes in my projects?


This time I also made a small “JueBeJue” logo for an arm patch, i love how it looks!!



Below are some pictures without the fur lining, the coat fits pretty well, and the rayon lining is superbly comfortable and slippery. I dont remember what adjustments I made 100% now, but even with the pattern printed @ 91%, it was a little big on the shoulders. I think i would want to print it smaller if I were to do it again. I also took off 2 inches in the torso somewhere…





For the vest itself – because I needed it to be a little more fitted (didnt want all the fur bunching), so it took it in from the side quite a bit. Also, because the snaps on the vest were all the mail snaps, they couldnt snap together in vest form. So I made a male-male adapter (yes I am an engineer) by making a strip with 2 rows of female snaps. It works decently, though its a pain to snap those things up and down. if I were to do this again I might opt for thin separating zippers instead.




The coat is quite warm when the fur layer is in! I love the option this coat gives me, and its a perfect coat for taking on our camping trips. I always feel just warm enough!


I hope you love this coat as much as  I do! Thank you for reading!









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