Striped Maxi Dress

I made self drafted dress!!


When I saw this striped maxi dress from Tabitha, I just loved it – especially that big striped circle skirt. I immediately went to Joanns and bought a springy, linen-y striped fabric. This year I finally got around to making it!!

The fabric is very casual, so i knew this would be a weekend attire. I decided to draft the top from a basic dress block. It turned out slightly wide, but I feel a bit lazy about fixing it, especially after I have already installed snap button on one side of the dress.

I was going to do a zipper down the back, but realized in order to get the stripes to match perfectly, AND install a zipper, will require many seam ripper sessions and a bit of cursing. So I opted to close the top on the side instead. I only had to re-do the front chevron pattern twice to get it perfect! I did a little bit of pattern matching with the side seam – I feel pretty smug about all the matching! When I was sewing this, I kept thinking about how scrumptious it all looked. the top is also lined with a white seersucker fabric and the fabric itself are all interfaced. It feels very comfortable yet very sturdy and structured on top.


The bottom is actually circle skirt. Since its a maxi length, even a 60” wide fabric is not enough to cut out a circle skirt- I decided to attach another stripe of fabric on one side the vertical way – I love the asymmetrical-ness that brings to the right side of the skirt!




Also – I didnt want to disrupt the seams by cutting a seam into the skirt  – so I made placket for the first time in a while – and put snap buttons down the placket. This way, I only need to cut 6-9 inches into the skirt and the stripes are undisturbed.


Lastly, I hate hemming a circle skirt. So instead I made yards of bias and sew that onto the hem instead. So much easier (at least for me!). More fun stripes as well!


I dont think I’ve shown this top here, but this dress goes quite well with this top I made a few years ago – which totally didnt come out as i intended but, I started calling those thick bands design features instead of bugs and it works well with many of my outfits. Also, totally wore this for my WFH day today – its still business enough on top!


Thanks for reading!! This dress made me pretty happy and helped me keep sane through a pretty rough (work) week. I feel really really lucky so far, I get to work from home and still able to have an income safely, my girls are for the most part amazing angels and homeschooling them isn’t all that bad. I hope wherever you are in the world, you are going through this pandemic okay!

10 thoughts on “Striped Maxi Dress

  1. this is amazing! the stripe placement is so perfect and love the skirt with the extra stripe panel. and the bias binding on hem is such a good idea. lovely summer dress – if only the weather would hurry up and be summer here 🙂

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