2019 Sewing Review

Hello Friends! I am long overdue for a report of my 2019 sewing! I haven’t been blogging very consistently in 2019, and instead used instagramto keep track of the backlog of projects for the year. However, I still love making blog post and dot down details of my makes. So some of the simpler projects will just show up here in my review!

Stuff for the girls:

I will say that I have outdone myself with some of these dresses. I didnt make a LOT but they are all very much loved.


Made these two to match my own pokadot tank. They got worn a ton. Even little A who by default likes to dress like a tomboy LOVES wearing hers to school.


A Pokémon dress for little A – she chose the fabric at Joann and loves wearing this and it’s already a bit worn out.


A piano dress for little K’s first piano recital! She wore this often after the recital.


A Hedwig dress! Fabric chosen by little K at Joann because she is really into Harry Potter (she’s on book 4!). oh also! We got a puppy last year!!


I had some fabric left over from a dress and little A loved that fabric, so she asked for a dress from it. It fit super perfectly with her birthday deco too!

Stuff for ME

First up, some of my “Fails”! They actually were pretty well sewn, but sometimes when you make something, you run the risk of not being able to try it on and realize its not all that flattering before you make it!


A linen Vogue 1432. Unfortunately the fit is a bit off in a way I couldn’t verbalize or figure out how to fix, and the look is just a but too… airline hostess like. I really enjoyed sewing the curves though!!


I honestly LOVE how this dress looks. It is exactly what I envisioned and the pop of blue and white is lovely. The fabric is a cooling crispy rayon crepe. But I am just… too old for this look! I will save this for my girls 🙂 the pattern is a French pattern called Robe Paoline from Anna Rose. .

The rest are all pretty much a success and I love all of them! So I’ll group them by types.

The knits


A pair of burda style 2017-04-107. I removed the ruching and its a very nicely fitted T-shirt dress.


A trio of burdastyle 2010/02/112, cropped. Because at some point in 2019 i had some awesome abs. They are now in hibernation with the shelter-in-place as an excuse. But really I just got addicted to HAppy Lemon’s cream milk tea back the past few months. I still rock them though.

Winter knit dresses! I blogged about them, and i love their designs very much.

The Dresses

Wrap dresses! The white dress is my first collar with Minerva Fabric, and I have so much more to share there this year! You can read more about it here.

A pair of rayon peasant dresses!

Two maxi dresses. This recap made me realize that I forgot to blog about the forest green rayon crepe dress. It was a really nice flow-y one.  You can see it in action here:


This picture really doesnt do this dress justice. I will need to blog it someday. It’s another version of my spider dress, but alternating between a coated shiny cotton and a matt linen. I wore it for the office ALL. THE. TIME.

This is a silk slip with tassels that I just adore – its really comfortable and fun. I wear it at home a lot, and want to go to the dessert and wear it there. It is a modified Ogden Cami.

The Coats!

Well, if you have read my blog for a while you will know coats are my favorite thing!! Here is the round up:


This one is with my mother now and she LOVES it. She says its too “old” for me but I suspect she just really like it. Or at least i like to think that 🙂 in fact, I wanted to make this pattern for her before I made this jean version, and she told me not to (because I have amazing family like that).


To be honest, the shape of this coat is not really my style. It’s a bit boxy. However, its so light AND warm, and really a lovely color. I find myself reaching for it often in the winter months.


I didnt blog about this one, but its a reversible… burdastyle Talea (cant go a year without making a Talea!). I found an amazing fur from Joann that is a nice suede on one side and fur on the other. SoI made sure to bound the seams nicely, and made it reversible. The fur trim on the suede side is basically the seam folded over and hand stitched down. I ended up wearing it mostly with the suede side out – because it has a pocket and the fur is cosy against my skin.


I still wear this convertible coat very often. The color is so fun and its great for the outdoors. The only thing I wish is i wish I did more topstitching on this. I wash it often and also have been wearing this as my “coronavirus grocery shopping” coat.


Lastly, my favorite little trench coat! I really love this new silhouette and just LOVE the construction 🙂



I commissioned someone to make a JuebeJue belt buckled for me this year, and it turned out really awesome and I used it all the time!


total made:kept:worn_often Ratio is 28:28:26.

total made:kept:worn_often Ratio for myself is 22:22:20.

My selfish: non-self sewing ratio was 22:6

And the type of stuff:

  • Kids clothing: 5 dresses and 1 skirt
  • 3 tops
  • 14 dresses
  • 5 outerwear

A year with a decent amount of sewing, but focused on quality and design. I am quite happy with my output!

5 thoughts on “2019 Sewing Review

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! I love seeing these roundups. Those rayon maxis are giving me faith that it’ll be warm again someday…it snowed on my daily walk yesterday in Ontario!

  2. the girls’ dresses are so cute and I don’t recall seeing that blue faux fur jacket, I love it. you made SO many great things don’t know how you get it all accomplished!

  3. Love love love a good round-up! I’m so glad you continue to post here for those of us who aren’t on Instagram and/or prefer long-form content. I enjoy reading about all of your sewing adventures and look forward to seeing what this year holds for you!

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