Cropped Jean Jacket

I made a little cropped jean jacket that i just ADORE!!!

In order to talk about this little jacket though, I need to show you a new style of sewing i picked up – paper piecing!!! A few weeks ago I decided that I need to make a placemat for my new puppy ( Did I mention that I bought home the most wonderful little Shiba Inu last year?? He is REALLY awesome and have been bringing our family so much joy and comfort during this crazy year). So I researched for a quilting pattern, and LOVED the Shiba pattern from Silver Lining. It is a paper piercing pattern, so after some YouTubing and surprisingly working on it for only one weeks, I finished:

It was surprisingly easy and oh-so-magical!! I was hooked. I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if I can do a paper piecing Of my JuebeJue logo?well, after some design work and experimentation, I did! And its the basis for my jean jacket!

Isn’t it lovely?? Ive been wanting a little jean jacket fro a while, and I have also been wanting to re-make burdastyle 08/2009 jacket 118 that I had made over 10 years ago:

I loved the pattern, but i didnt pick the smartest material for the project – a very rough silk for the lining plus a polyester shell. I really didnt like the feel of the jacket and ended up donating it. The pattern has the coolest shoulder design (there’s a piece of thick epaulettes that goes from the shoulder seam, over the collar and sewn under the collar on the inside), so I had kept it in my mind to re-make at some point.

I also decided to embroider my time stamp on the inside of the sleeve cuff this time.

And because I was always very annoyed about needing to carry a purse for my phone with my last cropped jacket, I just had to add a phone sized pocket on this jacket. It’s impossible to stick my hands in there, but it’s just large enough for my phone and pretty much takes up the entire front bottom of the jacket!

As usual, I was too lazy to deal with button holes, and used snap buttons. And the snap buttons that matched the best happened to be the same colors as the one I put in for my maxi dress, making the two very cohesive to be worn together! Happy unintentional design!!!

Thank you so much for reading!! It sometimes feels so superfluous to be talking about my sewing when there are so much going here. Hope everyone is fairing okay in this crazy times.

4 thoughts on “Cropped Jean Jacket

  1. Love it! So creative. Not superfluous, just making the best use of the time you have and bringing joy to lots of people amidst the crazy times.

  2. that is so cute and you are so talented to conquer paper piecing in just 2 projects. Love the collar design on this jacket, so clever – Burda has so many interesting patterns.

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