2020 Sewing Review

Hello Friends! It’s time for my yearly review of stuff I’ve sewn! I have been pretty relaxed about posting my makes on here this year, so you will see a lot of new makes!!

The fails:

I’ve been quite in love with almost everything I made this year. The only thing I made that I didnt wear is this, mostly because the material was unexpectedly polyester and I just dont do well in poly:

Self drafted, open back dress #4

Now I love everything else I have made! Let’s start with the Unselfish Makes:

A rayon set for cheetah-obsessed little A
A miniature Wiksten for little K and a real size Wiksten for my mom. They both wear them a ton.
Princess dress for little K. She literally never wore it after the photo 😦 but its okay, i am banking on little A to love this dress now
She LOVES this rayon number
She designed this dress and this is my favorite unselfish make of the year. love the bright yellow trim against those cute cactus. This one got sooo much wear!
Buddy uses his placemat every day!
A bag for lunch delivery from mom! (Meant to match with her Wiksten)

And then there’s the category of matcha outfits that we literally never wear together except for the photo shoot, and for the green set, i didnt even get our act together for a photo shoot!

Matchy dresses! Blogged at Minerva


house boots (again!)
I discovered that rayon crepe tricot is amazing for pants!
This free Tacoma pattern from mood is just delicious
More yellow goodness. Tudor blouse from Stitchwitch patterns
Vogue 1645 in chic-clown style, blogged at Minerva
Basic skirt with pleats
Reversible sweat shirt! blogged at Minerva

I knitted two sweaters. From the same Aquamarline pattern!

The dresses:

A vogue 8974
A self-drafted, very Kelly Green dress
I just love this print and color. Blogged at minerva!

I seem to like to make one pattern many times this year. This is quite a change from when i first started sewing – i would blast through as many new patterns as i can. Now, once I find a pattern i like (that is basic and versatile), i love to make a few different looks from the same. After all, much of the effort went into making the pattern fit!

Self drafted open back dress #1
Self drafted open back dress #2
Self drafted open back dress #3. I made so many amazing dresses this year, it would be hard to choose a favorite. But this maybe it. Blogged at Minerva

The kimono:

A Screen printed kimono – cosy and cute, worn almost every day!

And now the jackets. I have spent a lot more time on each of them this year, and I love the extra designs that went into it!!! BTW, they ALL have amazing, roomie pockets that can take the biggest iPhones. It took some creativity to get pockets in them! The black one has two large patch pocket on the inner lining.

Love that paper pieced Juebejue logo!
Those pockets – this i will wear until i am a great granny. It’s timeless!
This one has so many buttons. I love it! It’s also made from all rayon fabric – very comfy.

Lastly, I didnt make any coats this year. But I made it up with all the wool capes I’ve made!

This was my second cape, blogged at Minerva
My awesome ADCapeCult!
I love this cape, so over the top and so, so awesome. Blogged at Minerva.

2020 has been a year, hasn’t it? I’ve had some very drastic life changes at end of 2019. So 2020 in relativity, hasn’t been too terrible to me. Being shelter in place gave me some allowance to dress however I like, and just for me. I felt that I was putting more designs into my clothing, and not so eager to just crank one garment out after another. However, reviewing this list made me realize that I made… a LOT of things. I suppose it make sense since I have no where to go but sewcially distance at home.

Total makes: 42

Selfish makes vs unselfish makes: 30 : 12

Selfish make types: 3 Capes; 3 jackets; 12 Dresses; 2 loungewear; 3 sweaters; 2 skirts; 1 pants; 1 overall; 3 tops

Unselfish make types: 1 top+pants set; 5 Dresses; 2 jackets; 1 bag; 1 quilt; 2 skirts

From my selfish makes, made : kept: worn often is 30 : 29 : 27

Thank you for reading!!!! I hope you all had a tolerable 2020 and at least productive, sewing-wise!!

3 thoughts on “2020 Sewing Review

  1. Sooooo many cute things!!! My favs were the red dress, plaid dress, and black skirt paired with the sweater, but everything was great!

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