Hello! Welcome to my blog. This is where I put down my thoughts about anything sewing related, and where i stuff my how tos and To Dos. You can see my past creations at:


Oh and I love feedbacks and comments about anything at all! feed them to me! 🙂

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  1. hello petite republic 🙂
    firstly, i love your blog – my only problem is that i’m on the opposite spectrum! i tend to be too tall for fashion [sadly, i’m only 5’8″ – but stores here hate me!]
    i just wanted to spread the word about the blog i just started. it’s a work in progress, certainly, but so are my sewing skills 🙂 it would be nice if i could get a bit of a following to ask for advice and opinions. plus the occasion compliments [i can be hopeful, yes?] would be a nice ego boost 🙂
    again, lovely blog, lovely work.
    ❤ ,
    seamingly domestic, aka erika

  2. Hi Petite Republic, great blog! Love everything that you’ve done…even the kitchen 😉
    I have a question for you in regards to the jeans you created. If, for instance, there is a knee opening (measured 13″ down the crotch from edge to edge) at, let’s say 7″ so 14″ if multiplied by 2. How do I go about using your formula for back and front patterns if i don’t intend on taking the circumference measurement and only rely on the edge to edge measurement.

    Thank you and again keep the blog going =)

  3. Hi!!
    Congratulations for your maternity. Enjoy this sweetest time with your new baby…
    I just wanted you to know that your blog is really inspiring for me, I love everything you sew, and I find adorable the way you finish skirts with a little lace!!

    Blessings from Spain


  4. Hi Erin,

    First, congratulations on your website. Being petite myself, I’m finding it very useful. And may I offer you a copy of a book we just published called The Petite Advantage – press release follows – because it explains why petites don’t do well on a one size fits all diet. If you are interested, I can send you a copy. Thanks. Here’s the press release. Jim appeared on Good Morning American yesterday to discuss the book – and will be on Dr. Oz on January 16.

    From a New York Times bestselling author and fitness expert
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    Here is the take away: shorter women are perfectly poised to lose weight, more quickly regain their shape, and add more muscle mass than their taller sisters and friends. Now, The Petite Advantage Diet reveals that, with the right mindset and a few strategic changes, weight loss is not only possible, it is possible this week!

    Karas enlists petites to embrace their advantages, go after real and rapid results using his program, and get serious about creating lasting change in their body shape. From a strategic 21-day eating plan to detailed exercise instruction to easy-to-implement tips on what to drink, how to eat out, and even how to cultivate better posture, Karas has created a truly holistic program for this body-conscious group.

    The Petite Advantage Diet is packed with promise: Readers will learn that carbs can be their friend. They’ll see why cardio workouts—in the form of all those bikes, steppers, and elliptical machines—are actually a surprising way for petites to gain weight. And, because petite women are typically faster, more flexible, and more structurally aligned, they’ll quickly understand why strength training is their shortcut to tall benefits. From portion sizes to dress sizes, everything in this plan is the perfect fit for any woman 5’4 and under. The best news of all? For petite people, small changes can really add up.

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  5. hi there! I followed you here from burdastyle I want to make the Talea coat(double breast) but I can’t understand the instruction on how to widen the front center part to make it double breasted. Please help! thank you so much.

  6. Hi Petite Republic,
    I’ve ended up here by accident thanks to Pinterest and am amazed by your fabulous creations! I’m not petite but the items you’ve made look fantastic. What you make is really inspiring and your blog has put a smile on my face during a boring day at work! I will point your blog out to my petite / craft loving / pregnant friends.
    Thanks for putting a bit of sunshine in my day, and I look forward to seeing more creations in the future!

  7. I am looking for XXS Petitable patterns. Where can I find them? Are there Independent pattern companies that sell them? Patterns are so difficult to find.

  8. Posting again because I did not complete the form. I am looking for XXS Petitable patterns. Especially I dependent Patterns. Does Burda carry these?

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