Its still FREEEEE! 98.5% of the time…

OK, I have decided after your inputs. Between that post and this one, I had some fun looking though potential businesses to “invest” in and I made a small loan to¬† Marilou from Philippines for her sewing business! And one of my reader, Shasta said: You just inspired me to make a loan on Kiva!Continue reading “Its still FREEEEE! 98.5% of the time…”

POLL: Free Giveaway, or Sell for Charity?

hi Readers! I was thinking about my free giveaway series today and I thought — wouldn’t it be cool if I can sell my future giveaways (for a low low price), and with all the money I get, donate them to a charity organization, or do something good with it? One option I am consideringContinue reading “POLL: Free Giveaway, or Sell for Charity?”

Semi-DIY wedding — Short = Awesome

It looks like I wont be doing real sewing for a while, so bear with me while I rant about my wedding (do I sound slightly bridezilla? Im practicing ūüôā ).¬† I am finally done with altering my dress! I took off a whole 2 inches off this petite wedding gown, and now it justContinue reading “Semi-DIY wedding — Short = Awesome”

Petite Republic Giveaway – Hot Pink Romance!

Its time for my giveaway again! I am going to make this end on Friday, so that I can mail out this dress at the same time as the last give away! This will be the last give away for probably 6-8 weeks, but I got more coming after I am done with the wedding!Continue reading “Petite Republic Giveaway – Hot Pink Romance!”

Semi-DIY Wedding – Veil

Have you ever wondered why veils are so expensive? I was looking through Davids Bridal’s veil selection — they are mostly made from polyester tulle that I can buy from Joanns for 2 dollars a yard with some crystals or beads or ribbons glued/sewn on them. The non-barebone options cost 70 dollars and up! TheContinue reading “Semi-DIY Wedding – Veil”

Semi-DIY wedding: Rose Bouquet

This is somewhat un-related to sewing, but I like to talk about anyway! For my wedding, I decided to do my own floral arrangements. My friend Ngoc ¬†and I ¬†did a mock up decoration last¬†Friday and we made the cutest bridal bouquet ourselves! ūüôā It was super easy — cut flowers to about 8inches onContinue reading “Semi-DIY wedding: Rose Bouquet”

Draft me a Bodice

Last last Friday my¬†fianc√©¬†went to a magic tournament with his friends (read: geek gathering), and some of the wifes decided to get together and sew at the host’s house. I had hosted three sewing parties (aka. juebejue-forces-friends-to-sew-party) at my place, and it was nice going to someone¬†else¬†for a change! Sadly, all my sewing stuff wasContinue reading “Draft me a Bodice”

Petite Republic Giveaway – Choir Girl Dress!

I am pretty anxious to get rid of stuff I dont use ever since the start of our remodel/spring cleaning. So here it is, a linen¬†dress I made back when I first started sewing. I must admit, the zipper insertion on this dress is a little weird, and I did neglect to pre-wash the fabicContinue reading “Petite Republic Giveaway – Choir Girl Dress!”